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Ten Strangest Wine Laws Still in Existence

Enobytes.com’s wine blog posted an interesting entry a few months ago with respect to the ten strangest wine laws still in existence. It is partially excerpted below.

1. Alaska – In Fairbanks, AK, it is illegal to serve alcoholic beverages to moose. I’m pretty sure Sarah Palin had nothing to do with this law since she likes to hunt moose and we all know it’s easier to hunt drunk moose than it is to hunt sober moose but don’t tell Dick Cheney. He might decide to go hunting again.

2. New York – According to the New York State Liquor Authority, you can buy wine, wine glasses, wine stoppers and corkscrews at a liquor store, but the state of New York prohibits them from selling wine gift bags. Sell a gift bag to a wine buying customer and you’ll be fined $10,000. And the kicker? No one seems to understand what the law entails, but it’s clear the state will enforce it. DDMH: Quote: After purchasing wine in several NY stores, and being presented with some pretty snazzy bags for our wine including logos (and lets not forget that nice velvety bag on Crown Royale), we’re lost on this one.

3. Oregon – “A pharmacist licensed under the laws of this state may sell alcoholic beverages without a license [in containers of not more than a one-quart capacity].” Do you have an opening for your first seating, and is there a Reserve list?

Read the rest at Top 10 Wackiest Wine Laws That Still Exist.

Lindsey A. Zahn


Lindsey is the founder and author of On Reserve: A Wine Law Blog. She is an alcohol beverage and food attorney and is admitted to the New York State Bar.

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  • Macdaddy Marc Hinton November 17, 2010, 11:26 PM

    Thank you so much for the reprint and link, I know several other wine/law enthusiast’s.
    A former tasting room manager and Assistant Winemaker I know is graduating from Lewis and Clark and I am a paralegal and have worked as an investigator for the King County Public Defenders office. If I can ever be of assistance let me know.

  • Lindsey A. Zahn November 18, 2010, 9:52 AM

    Hi Marc:
    Thank you so much for the comment! And your blog is terrific — your post on wine law was very interesting and I certainly learned about a lot of national laws I had never heard of. Thanks for the visit and please be sure to come back and let me know if you’d ever like anything posted!
    Best regards,

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