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Global “Wine Law in Context” Scholarships—EU Wine Law Summer School

I am honored to announce that the Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne’s Wine & Law Program will host its fourth annual summer school program. I attended the summer program two years ago, during the Summer of 2011. The Program was unquestionably the apex of my law school career and fortified my interest in wine and law. I highly recommend the Program to any scholar interested in the area of wine law. The course takes place over a period of two weeks in the city of Reims, France, appropriately in the middle of the Champagne region. The Wine & Law Program covers many aspects of wine and law, from both an international and U.S. perspective, and is perfectly balanced with many outside trips and visits to local maisons. “This year the Program will focus on Comparative Aspects of Import – Export of Wine and Spirits. It will examine different aspects of EU, US and Asutralian Wine Law related to the legal status of domestic and foreign wines.” (Wine & Law in the European Union Summer Course.) Read more about my experience at the 2011 Wine & Law Program at Life After Champagne: Synopsis of the 2011 Wine & Law Summer Program.

This year, Professor Georgopoulos and the Wine & Law Program are offering two scholarships for the summer program to students applying for the program. Please find all relevant details below.

The Wine and Law Program is pleased to announce the allocation of two (2) scholarships for the next Wine and Law Summer School, to be held in Reims from June 17, 2013 to June 28, 2013. The scholarships are offered as a tribute to the International Seminar “Wine Law In Context,” which is devoted to promote research and teaching of wine law worldwide (See Wine Law In Context: International Seminar Hosted by The Wine & Law Program). The scholarships consist of a reduced fee up to 80% of the standard student fee and are open to students under the age of 30. Priority will be given to overseas students. Applications for the summer school and the scholarship should be sent before May 5, 2013. Applicants should follow the usual procedure and apply at Applications for the 2013 Summer School Are Now Open. Applications that have already been submitted will be also taken into consideration.

Lindsey A. Zahn


Lindsey is the founder and author of On Reserve: A Wine Law Blog. She is an alcohol beverage and food attorney and is admitted to the New York State Bar.

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