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Who We Are

On Reserve is composed of an author whose love for the hospitality industry and law stimulated the creation of this blog. At times, On Reserve may publish articles by additional authors including, but not limited to, law students, attorneys, or journalists.

Our Mission

On Reserve’s mission is to provide wineries, vineyards, law students, lawyers, and those interested in wine and/or the law with the most comprehensive source of information on wine law. Through its publications, On Reserve supplies information on the international and domestic wine industries, the history of both international and domestic wine laws, and developing legal issues in the wine industry.

Our Vision

On Reserve aspires to be the leading blog within the United States dedicated to wine law by documenting foregoing, contemporary, and emerging legal issues characteristic of the wine industry. Its blog, in particular, aims to be a domain ushering the discussion of wine law issues by its author and readers.

Using or Republishing Our Articles

While we are honored to be reprinted or featured, we ask that you kindly seek permission before reprinting any of our articles in full or excerpts (not only is it good manners, but it is the law!). Please contact lazahn@winelawonreserve.com for permission.

Guest Authors

At this time, we are not accepting articles or content from guest authors.

Our Contributions to You

On Reserve takes pride in producing the highest quality blog entries with the most accurate information available; regardless, mistakes are bound to transpire. If, at any point during the course of your reading an entry of On Reserve, information appears inaccurate or you believe you or another individual can provide a more substantive contribution, please do not hesitate to contact On Reserve. The author can be reached at  lazahn@winelawonreserve.com.

Our Photographs

The photographs featured on this website are, unless otherwise noted, the creation and property of Lindsey A. Zahn and On Reserve. Usage of our photographs, without permission of the author, is strictly prohibited. Please respect the creation of the author. If you wish to use any of the featured photos, please contact  lazahn@winelawonreserve.com.