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TTB Compliance and Representation

My day-to-day practice entails representing alcohol beverage companies before the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). I help wineries, breweries, distilleries, cider producers, importers, and wholesalers comply with TTB regulations in regard to permits and amendments, labeling, formulations, excise taxes, advertising (traditional print and social media), tied house, and trade practice issues. I am especially interested in matters relating to American Viticultural Areas (AVAs), appellations of origins, and grape varieties.

Some of my prior work representing clients before the TTB includes the following:

  • Adding a non-contiguous premise to a dual winery/distillery premise;
  • Relocating a distilled spirits plant to a new licensed premise;
  • Advising a bottled cocktail line in regard to labels and formulations for close to 100 products;
  • Representing a client before the TTB in regard to filing a grape varietal petition to add a new grape variety for use on American wine labels;
  • Advising a distillery client on a 50-state (and federal) analysis with respect to coupon promotions; and
  • Assisting a client with a food product that contains alcohol with regulatory compliance at the federal level before both TTB Nonbeverage Products Laboratory and the FDA.

If you have an inquiry, I am happy to talk to see if our firm is a good match for your legal needs. Please contact me at lazahn@winelawonreserve.com or at 202-449-3739 ext. 4.