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New York State

My day-to-day practice also includes representing alcohol beverage companies before the New York State Liquor Authority (NYSLA). I help wineries, breweries, distilleries, cider producers, importers, and wholesalers comply with New York State regulations in regard to permits and amendments (such as relocation, new ownership, etc.), brand and product registration, advertising (traditional print and social media), tied house, and trade practice issues.

Some of my prior work representing clients before the NYSLA includes the following:

  • Managing all aspects of licensing for a farm winery and a farm distillery;
  • Completing a Petition for Removal with respect to a distillery relocating its space from one premise to another;
  • Overseeing a renewal application for a distillery licensee in New Yrok State with ownership changes;
  • Advising a a brewery and a brand owner of a wine-based cocktail of various brand registration and labeling requirements in the state;
  • Representing a sake client before the NYSLA in regard to lab sample analysis requirements; and
  • Assisting a client with respect to compliance on third party marketing services.

If you have an inquiry, I am happy to talk to see if our firm is a good match for your legal needs. Please contact me at lazahn@winelawonreserve.com or at 202-449-3739 ext. 4.