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Winery, Brewery, and Distillery Permits

For some individuals, owning a winery, brewery, or distillery is the ultimate dream. As state laws change and recognize the tremendous value of farm or craft producers as well as commercial producers, this dream becomes a lot more reachable and realistic for even the smallest producers. Both the federal government and many state agencies are changing laws and regulations—including reduced license fees and lower tax rates—to incentivize development in the beverage alcohol industry. The results are fantastic, and many regions have seen a true renaissance in winery, brewery, and distillery production as well as the number of producers. But that being said, compliance and licensing is still not free of archaic laws and requirements. It is very important to work with someone who can help you navigate these processes as well as help you understand potential issues well before an application is placed on the desk of a licensing specialist or regulator.

I regularly work with wine, beer, and spirits clients with respect to obtaining permits and licenses before the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) and various state agencies. I have seen a number of applications and I understand the types of issues these agencies look for. I have also been successful assisting current licensees relocate in their business, as well as expanding to non-contiguous premises. As my clients grow and branch out to other states, I also assist with general regulatory compliance insight on both the state and federal levels, such as non-resident dealer/out-of-state supplier licenses, brand label registration, at rest law, tied house issues, trade practice concerns, labeling, formulations, advertising and social media reviews, and distribution issues.

If you have an inquiry, I am happy to talk to see if our firm is a good match for your legal needs. Please contact me at lazahn@winelawonreserve.com or at 202-449-3739 ext. 4.